Breakfast Bowl

marinated kale, savory tofu scramble, tempeh bacon, roasted sweet potatoes

Breakfast Burger

vegan burger patty, savory tofu scramble, pico, hollandaise, potato bun

Egg & Cheese Muffin

savory tofu scramble with peppers, onions, sun dried tomatoes, sautéed greens, cheddar cheese sauce, hollandaise, english muffin

Egg & Cheese Wrap

savory tofu scramble with peppers, onions, greens, cheddar cheese sauce, hollandaise, spinach wrap


Help us get our DFF concept off the ground by spreading the word!

Du Jour is Dairy Free and Meat Free every day of the week, but we'd like to extend a 10% discount to those who choose to recognize this day. Just stop in on a Friday and let us know you're here in support of DFF. 

Similar to Meatless Monday, we ask that you consider going dairy free one day of the week to take a stand against animal cruelty, improve your health and help the environment. You can learn more about dairy production here. Thank you Gene Baur and Farm Sanctuary.

Vegan Breakfast

Spicy Green Bowl

marinated kale, turmeric infused rice, spicy black beans & corn, fried buffalo cauliflower, caesar dressing 

Protein Bowl

marinated kale, quinoa, black beans, lemon un-chicken, avocado, tahini dressing (sesame seed base)

Garden Bowl

marinated kale & mixed greens with roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, avocado, and herbed mustard dressing

Southern Bowl

marinated kale, vegan mac & cheese, bbq jackfruit, roasted vegetables​​

Power Up!

marinated kale, quinoa, black beans, corn, red peppers, avocado, mustard-tahini dressing

Build A Bowl


Choose 3 Bases (marinated kale, mixed greens, lettuce, quinoa, savory rice, black beans,spicy beans & corn, sweet potatoes, roasted carrots)


Choose A Protein

tofu scramble, bbq jackfruit, un-chicken, cajun seitan, sautéed seitan & peppers, vegan burger patty 


Choose A Dressing

tahini, caesar, chipotle aioli, herbed mustard, hollandaise, pesto mayo



avocado, cheese sauce, pico de gallo, tempeh bacon, buffalo cauliflower, mac n cheese, fries

Vegan Bowls

Skyscraper Burger

vegan burger patty, cheese sauce, onion rings, mixed greens, tomato, pickles, ketchup, special sauce, potato bun

Smoky Avocado Wrap

avocado, tempeh bacon, mixed greens, tomato, chipotle aioli, spinach wrap

Karmic Kale Wrap

olive oil, garlic, lemon & sea salt-rubbed raw kale, roasted sweet potatoes, tahini dressing

spinach wrap

Midtown Melt

cajun seitan, avocado, cheese sauce, mixed greens, chipotle aioli, focaccia bread

Un-Chicken Avocado

un-chicken, avocado, pesto mayo, focaccia bread

Philly Cheese Melt

sauteed seitan, peppers & onions, cheese sauce, chipotle aioli, focaccia bread

Burrito Grande

turmeric infused rice, spicy black beans & corn, cheese sauce, pico, sour cream, spinach wrap

Vegan Wraps & Sandwiches

Mac 'n' Cheese

with seasoned breadcrumbs

Mac 'n' Jack

mac & cheese with bbq jackfruit

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Onion Rings

French Fries

Cheese Fries / Nacho Fries / Philly Fries​

Soup du Jour (seasonal)

Something Sweet


Delicious Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies 

(made in house)

Vegan On The Side