Simple Vegan Recipes For Fall!

Seasoned Oven Baked Fries

There's nothing like oven baked fries.  Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.  Let's go!

2 TBL garlic powder 

2 TBL onion powder

1 TBL dried marjoram or basil

1 tsp dried oregano

2 TBL smoked paprika

2 tsp cayenne

2 TBL dried thyme

1 TBL black pepper

1 TBL white pepper

1 tsp organic sugar

3 tsp salt

3 medium idaho potatoes

Combine all ingredients in a bowl.  Store the seasoning in an airtight jar. 

Scrub the potatoes. Cut them lengthwise into fairly thin pieces. Soak the potatoes in warm water for about 20 minutes.  Rinse well and dry them off with paper towels or a clean kitchen towel.  Put the potatoes in a bowl and cover with a little bit of olive oil (about 1.5 TBL).  Coat well.  Sprinkle the seasoning on top.  Using your hands, completely cover the potatoes in the seasoning.  Turn the coated potatoes onto a non stick baking pan.

Pop them into a preheated 450 degree oven for 20 minutes.  Remove and flip, then return to the oven for another 15 minutes.  Enjoy!

Cheezy Smoky Roasted

Brussels Sprouts

Preparing veggies can be pretty challenging at times. Below is a simple, yet delicious recipe for brussels sprouts that you're sure

to love.

3 cups brussels sprouts

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp smoked paprika

good quality olive oil

nutritional yeast

Cut off the ends of the sprouts, then cut them in half. Place them in a bowl with enough olive oil to coat.  Add salt, pepper and smoked paprika. Gently mix with a spoon.

Lay the sprouts out on a baking sheet, and roast for about 40 minutes in a preheated 350 degree oven.  At the 25 minute mark, sprinkle generously with nutritional yeast and toss, then return to the oven for the last 15 minutes.